A Fifty Year Old Love Poem

Dear friends,

Spring is slowly approaching because Peter is starting his spring cleaning.  He is going through drawers, files, memento boxes and other storage places  and weeds out the “good” from the “bad”.   Sometimes he calls out to me excitedly,  “Look, what I found!!!!”  This little poem, I wrote when I first met Peter  is one of the forgotten relics of a long time ago.

Looking at it now with critical eyes I can see all the stylistic shortcomings.  It definitely is not a poetic master piece.  But it expresses my deep feelings of longing for love to overcome the dark despair of loneliness I felt as a young woman.

Peter and I were just starting to fall in love when i  wrote it. He was in the army and i was finishing high school.  We seldom saw eaxh other but corresponded by “snail” mail almost daily. ( No phone, email or face book to bridge the distances.)   Peter eventually has become my lifelong  “sunshine”  who always dispels feelings of loneliness and despair.

He loves this little poem I send to him and even translated it into English so I can share it with you now.  His poem is far more polished.  I guess he is a poet and doesn’t even know it.


Poem Biene

 Starry night

 Why did the dark and somber night               
 Bring to my heart so little delight?        Lonesome I lay for hours awake
Thinking what plan was I to take?
Pondering why was I so much alone?
Would I forever such fate bemoan?

When the sun at last rose in the morning,
My heart no longer in painful mourning
Radiant light entered my fearful soul
And presented to me a romantic goal
Announcing with its golden shine:
You are not alone, for you are mine.

Then I saw the world in a cheerful light.
Gone was the long and dreadful night.
Looking longingly at the rising sun
I saw the promise fulfilled and done,
My heart rejoiced with sheer delight.
The world for me was sparkling bright.

sunrise Van Gogh