Time Travel to May 2015

My dear friends.  Sorry for taking a detour from my chronological life story again.

This week I have been very busy working in the yard and garden because it is planting season.  And I am also preparing for the visit of our second son Richard and our precious granddaughters Azure and Emeline from Montreal.

Azure  will be six years old in September and Emeline two years old in June.  We last saw them a year ago at our family reunion at the Lake. Mateo, their beloved half brother is unable to accompany them,  He’ll be 16 in June.  When he was Azure’s age he would fly out from Montreal every summer to spend several weeks  with us.

Mateo girlsI am so excited.  We went shopping this weekend for toys and goodies.  i am baking and making ice cream. and Tira Misu.  Stefan. our youngest son is also coming.  All the beds are freshly made and ….

IMG_2273These  rag dolls I made a long time ago.  Maybe they will like them.

IMG_2259This is the custard for the ice cream.  Stefan introduced us to the ice cream maker.  It’s fantastic.  So delicious.

IMG_2267This is one of the many sticker and activity  books.

IMG_2262Some toys,  Bubble blowing should be fun.

These are just samples.   I’ll close my post now.  Maybe next week I’ll talk about the visit and then back to my past.


One thought on “Time Travel to May 2015

  1. Edda Barge says:

    Wie liebevoll du doch alles für euren Sohn und die beiden Mädchen vorbereitet hattest! Sie hatten ja auch wirklich eine wunderbare Zeit bei euch.Die Mädchen sind zu süss!
    Nun sind alle drei wieder nach Hause gefahren-aber die Erlebnisse bei euch werden sie sicher nie vergessen.

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